Rechargeable Motion Activated Light

I built this to light up the driveway to help see where the door key hole is in the dark. A simple motion activated light that only works when it is dark and charge its own batteries with solar power. More info can be found here.

Asset Monitor

This is a project I worked on at the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) for the wireless communications course. Asset monitor alerts the user by sending a notification to the user’s mobile phone if an asset needs attention. Asset monitor consists of a series of Bluetooth Low Energy sensors and a central controller. The controller uses Google Cloud Messaging to send alerts to the user’s mobile phone. A full report about this project can be found here.

Capacitive touch sensing Alarm clock

This is a project I worked on as a gift. A clock that displays time only when you want to see it. For all other times it is just a decoration on the wall. It uses capacitive touch sensing, a technology I have been experimenting with recently. Not only it is simple to implement, but also does not use any moving parts. More information about how it works can be found here.

Reflow oven

This is the greatest hack I have ever worked on. Using a cheap $20 toaster oven I transformed it into a reflow oven to assemble surface mount components. This was necessary for my Gyro’clock project. This three part series describes how I made the reflow oven and how it works.

Gyro’Clock – The key chain propeller clock

This is my newest project. It is a portable clock yet small enough to be on a key-chain and uses a single row of LEDs to display time when spun in the air.  This project presents an interesting set of challenges including accurately determining the rotation speed of a device spun by hand and making the LEDs face the same side in each rotation. This project will be documented here as I complete each step along the way.

Music and Lights System

Music and Lights system is a platform to experiment methods and algorithms to synchronize lights to music. In a way it is a programmable light organ. The first prototype board consists of two speaker amplifiers capable of driving two 4Ω – 8Ω speakers, three audio filters, an ATmega328p microcontroller and an interface for a RGB LED strip. I first started this project for a bikerave event. Then I got really interested in it and decided to build it into a solid prototype board that I can continue to experiment and improve on. Please follow my progress here.

SMART TURN – All-in-one electronic dashboard for a bicycle

SMART TURN brings the most commonly used electronic equipment on bicycles such as safety lights, horn, GPS navigation, trip computer and turn signal indicators under one package. It consists of two main components: a wearable vest with indicator lights and a smartphone application that functions as an electronic dashboard. For more information about this project please visit the SMART TURN website.

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