New & Improved Gyro’clock case (V2)

Making the first version of the Gyro’clock case showed me some of its design flaws. Also I got to learn about some of the limitations of my 3D printer and 3D printing in general. So for the second version I have made the following improvements:

  1. Thickness of the walls increased to 2 mm to increase rigidity.
  2. Added a window for the switch and the charge status indicator LED.
  3. Replaced the top piece with a sliding door on the side. The sliding door doesn’t require any screws and fits snugly.

And here is the result


I am happy with this version of the case. Now I can actually carry around the Gyro’clock with me wherever I go. Gyro’clock is now complete. To wrap this all up I created a video about the project:



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