A prize from ASIMOWALK5!

In the mail today I received a prize from a giveaway contest! It is an Attiny85 Programmer and Breakout Board from ASIMOWALK5.

Attiny85 Programmer/Breakout board by ASIMOWALK5
Attiny85 Programmer & Breakout Board by ASIMOWALK5

This is a neat little board that brings out the pins of the Attiny85 with clearly identified labels. With this board an Attiny85 can be programmed easily and quickly since you don’t have to keep looking up which pins to connect to. I haven’t used Attiny’s before so I am very excited to get one and try it out. The board also has room for a power input terminal and a power indicator LED, which is very handy. More information about this board and how to use it can be found here: http://gdriv.es/attiny85board

I already have a project idea in mind for this and the tiny Attiny85 would be an ideal choice! More on that coming soon in a future post, stay tuned!

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